Some Do’s ‘n Don’ts

  • No food of any sort – canned or otherwise
  • Don’t store grass seed or bird seed in your locker
  • Use good boxes of same size for stacking
  • Use totes
  • Avoid garbage bags for clothes or other soft items
  • No chemicals, paints, or fuel containers
  • Use pallets when available under boxes or drop a sheet of poly down – our units are always dry but have concrete floors
  • Put mattresses and box springs in plastic covers
  • Did we mention, NO FOOD?
  • Stack the back as high as your items will allow
  • Bring a lock when renting your unit (Ace Hardware is a couple blocks away and has good locks for under $10)

As a locally owned self storage facility we’re here to help. If you have any questions please give us a call. Remember, we provide 24 hour access 365 days a year. We’re in New Hope one block east of Winnetka between 32nd Ave N and 36th Ave N. Right in between the communities of Crystal, Robbinsdale, Golden Valley, and Plymouth. We are convenient self storage for the whole northwest Minneapolis metropolitan area.